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Despite High Death Toll, Push Is On To Open More Public Roads to ATVs

Despite High Death Toll, Push Is On To Open More Public Roads to ATVs

Last Mother’s Day, Jaret Graham, 14, climbed on the back of an all-terrain vehicle driven by his 12-year-old cousin. As they sped down a paved stretch of country road in west Texas, the 12-year-old lost control, went into a ditch and fell off the vehicle, injuring his leg. Jaret was thrown off and hit his […]

Jacob Helvey. (The Helvey family.)

Elevator Safety Flaws Persist Despite History of Tragic Accidents

A type of elevator increasingly found in townhouses and single-family homes has been involved in rare but horrific injuries to small children, and the manufacturers have long been aware of the problem. But the companies, which set their own voluntary standards through an industry-dominated committee, have yet to address the hazard.


Labor Department Investigating Pay Practices of 2 Major League Baseball Teams

Two Major League Baseball clubs–the San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins—are under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor for possible federal wage law violations. The investigations come amid wider concern about questionable pay practices throughout professional baseball, according to interviews and records obtained by FairWarning under the Freedom of Information Act.

Legal Battles Smolder Six Decades After 'the Greatest Health Protection in Cigarette History'

Legal Battles Smolder Six Decades After ‘the Greatest Health Protection in Cigarette History’

It’s hard to think of anything more reckless than adding a deadly carcinogen to a product that already causes cancer — and then bragging about the health benefits. That’s what Lorillard Tobacco did 60 years ago when it introduced Kent cigarettes, whose patented “Micronite” filter contained a particularly virulent form of asbestos.

Cigarette vendor in Indonesia. (iStockphoto)

Protest by Tobacco State Politicians, Business Groups May Snuff Out Obama Administration Trade Move

Tobacco companies are using free trade agreements to challenge countries that adopt tough anti-smoking rules, charging them with violating treaty obligations.

Contractors clean up lead paint in a contaminated building in Providence, R.I. (AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki)

After Flicking Away Lawsuits, Lead Industry Goes for a Final Knockout

Despite powerful evidence showing that paint makers knew for decades about the risks of household use of lead paint, the companies have scored dozens of courtroom victories and could be on the verge of a final victory in a California trial.

Delivering vaccines in Chittagong, Bangladesh.(UNICEF/BANA2006-00055/SHEHZAD)

Global Treaty to Curb Mercury–Except When It Comes to Children’s Vaccines

Mercury is considered such a dire health threat that delegates from more than 140 nations have drafted a global treaty to minimize mercury emissions. But there’s one form of mercury the treaty won’t touch.

A hog confinement farm in Missouri. (Socially Responsible Agriculture Project)

As Factory Farms Spread, Government Efforts to Curb Threat From Livestock Waste Bog Down

Large livestock farms, which can generate as much waste as people in a large city, have been growing in size and number for the last 30 years. In many areas, they pose a serious threat to water supplies.

Stephen Gass, inventor of SawStop, amid rows of patents.

After More Than a Decade and Thousands of Disfiguring Injuries, Power Tool Industry Still Resisting Safety Fix

Every year, thousands of U.S. workers and do-it-yourselfers suffer disfiguring, life-changing injuries from the whirring blades of table saws, though technology exists that could virtually eliminate this.

A fatal motorcycle accident in San Diego County on Jan. 30, 2011. (CAL FIRE San Diego)

Booming Sales of Novelty Helmets Boost Toll of Motorcycle Deaths

Every year, hundreds of motorcycle riders die in crashes they would have survived had they been wearing helmets that meet a government safety standard instead of so-called novelty helmets. Yet sales of the substandard helmets are booming, and federal authorities have failed to crack down.