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FairWarning is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We are grateful to the following who have supported our work:

The Charles Evans Foundation has supported a variety of causes aimed at helping the less fortunate, including health and fire detection programs. It was established in 1988 by the late Charles Evans, founder of the Evan-Picone fashion label and producer of the movie “Tootsie.” The foundation is now headed by Charles Evans, Jr., director of the documentary “Addiction Incorporated,” which tells the story of former Philip Morris scientist and whistleblower Victor DeNoble.

Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, based in Oklahoma City, was established in 1982 by the late Edith Kinney Gaylord, a journalist and member of a prominent Oklahoma publishing family. The foundation supports projects designed to improve the quality of journalism, with special emphasis on ethics, investigative reporting and new media.

Hieronymus Charities

The Reva and David Logan Foundation supports a wide array of programs in the arts, education, social justice and investigative reporting.

The Renaissance Foundation, based in Portland, Ore., strives to make a significant difference in the lives of people in need, especially in the areas of education, human services and environment. TRF funds local, national and international programs.

The Streisand Foundation

The LaFetra Foundation

The Rosenthal Family Foundation supports projects in a number of fields, including medicine, art, literature, film and journalism.

The Flom Family Foundation

The Fund for Investigative Journalism, based in Washington, supports investigative reporting around the world through grants to freelancers and nonprofits. FIJ has been around since 1969, when its founder, Phil Stern, paid Seymour Hersh’s airfare to check into a tip about a massacre of civilians at My Lai.

The Nara Fund

The Litowitz Foundation

The Jon L. Hagler Foundation

Farvue Foundation

The Brightwater Fund, Gloria Jarecki

Michael and Ina Korek Foundation Trust

The Grodzins Fund

Howard A. Sobel and Geraldine Willens Sobel Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

The Wyncote Foundation

Katz Family Foundation

Arthur and Charlotte Zitrin Foundation

Adrienne Jules Foundation

Public Welfare Foundation, founded in 1947, supports efforts to ensure fundamental rights and opportunities for people in need. Based in Washington, D.C., its major interests include health reform, criminal and juvenile justice, and workers’ rights.

The Investigative Reporting Workshop, a project of the American University School of Communication at American University, was founded in 2008. It works to improve journalism in two important ways: by publishing significant investigations, and by experimenting with new models for creating and delivering investigative reports.

We gratefully acknowledge the following individual donors:

Nabeel Abraham
Lisa Alexander
Ellen Alperstein
Rebecca Andrade
Eric Bailey
David Baker
Doug Baldwin
Corinne Ball
Jerome S. Baruck
Garrett Brown
Sallie Bernard
Dustin Bleizeffer
Terrell Blodgett
Gene Borio
George Bull and Faye Mark
Ernie Burciaga
Steve Burrows
Kristopher Cahoon
Teresa Chegwidden
Gun Chung
Michael Connelly
Michael Connor
Robert Cowan
Beth and Steve Crocker
David Crocker
Richard Daynard
Vicki De Goff and Dick Sherman
Rob Densen
Charles Dillingham
Steven Ditmeyer
Margaret Engel
Sam Enriquez
Susan and Ed Fay
Cornelia Butler Flora
Stephanie Fowler and Irving Levin
Lissy C. Friedman
Larry Gordon
Rob Gunnison
Daniel J. Haley
Bill and Sue Hall
Sharon and Bob Harris
Dennis Hathaway
Amanda Hawes
Will Hearst
Susan Henderson and Christopher Couch
Eileen B. Hershenov
Parrish Hirasaki
Diana Hoff
Patrick Hoff
Caitlyn Hogan
Carole Horowitz
Christine T. Hughes
Stephen and Erica Jamieson
Jimmy Janacek
Jill Jensen
Claire Johnson
John Johnson
David Cay Johnston
Sean Kane
Jane Kay
Ben Kelley
Jeanie and Murray Kilgour
Sandi and Bill Kitzes
Jeffrey S. Klein
Emmanouil Laliotis

Christopher Lally
Christopher Landsman
Steve Lang
Laurel Ministries
George Lehner
Michael R. Lemov
Blossom Levin
Frenda Levin
Gabriel Levin
Kate Levin
Myron Levin
Charles Lewis
Vernon Loeb
Louis Lombardo
Sam Maddox
Greg Malins
Bill Marimow
Nan Medlin
Alan Miller
Molly Moen and Derek Cotton
Al Mollica
Dan Morain
Robert T. Nelson
Linda Othenin-Girard
Maureen Paraventi
Charles Piller
Michael J. Piuze
Richard Plonsky
M.E. Raines
James Ricci
Margaret Robbins
Andrea Rock
Ted Rohrlich and Helene Siegel
David Rosner
Betty Rubin
Rosemary Rubin
Harriet Rubenstein
Sandra Sandell
Pam and Jim Schachter
Diana Schemo
Sue Ann Schiff
Rick Schmitt
Norman Silber
Adam Silverman
Donald H. Slavik
Amy Smith
Deborah Stewart
Michael Swiecki
Thomas Trunzo
Fran Tunno
David Vladeck
Jay Wachtel
Grissim Walker
Zoe Walrond
Michael Ward
Jeanne Weigum
Henry Weinstein
Lew Welge
Vince Willmore
Jamie Rosenthal Wolf and David Wolf
Aaron S. Wolff
Chic Wolk
Becky and Michael York
Richard Zitrin

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