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Consumers Union Urges Limits on Arsenic, Lead in Juices

The nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine is calling for the Food and Drug Administration to put restrictions on the amount of arsenic and lead allowed in juices. The group, Consumers Union, said in a news release that the current lack of arsenic and lead limits puts children, who tend to drink lots of juice, […]

China’s Plans for Vaccine Exports Raise Hopes and Fears

Chinese vaccine makers are gearing up to boost their exports over the next few years. The move is raising hopes that lower-cost immunizations will become available for the world’s poor — as well as fears that vaccine quality standards will be threatened. As USA Today reports, China captured world attention in 2009 when one of […]

Heart Attack Patients Harmed by Slow Transfers to Fully Equipped Hospitals

Heart attack patients often wind up at hospitals ill-equipped to treat them, and their chances of survival sometimes depend on how quickly they can be transferred to another medical center. Yet a new study has found that nine out of 10 U.S. heart attack patients needing a transfer wound up waiting longer than the recommended […]

Flawed Test Used to Evaluate Soldiers’ Brain Injuries

Tens of thousands of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer concussions and other difficult-to-detect traumatic brain injuries, often the result of bombings by insurgents. To identify troops needing care for these injuries, Congress in 2007 passed a measure requiring the military to test soldiers’ brain function before they deploy and when they return. But […]

Doublespeak? Firms Tell Different Stories to Congress, Investors

In Congressional testimony in February, chemical company executive Jim Pearce warned of the economic harm in store for his company and other U.S. producers of soda ash because of the Obama administration’s approach to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. He said that the current regulatory approach will lead American producers of soda ash, which is used […]

Tainted Foods Often ‘Reconditioned’ and Sold to Consumers

When regulators discover that food companies have produced contaminated products, the tainted items sometimes get a second life — and wind up being sold to consumers. A report by noted, as an example, the detection last year of Salmonella Tennessee bacteria in huge lots of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP, a flavor enhancer used in […]

Merck to Plead Guilty, Pay $950 Million to Settle Vioxx Marketing Charges

Merck & Co. will pay $950 million, and a unit of the company will plead guilty to a federal misdemeanor, to settle allegations that it illegally marketed its once-popular painkiller Vioxx. The deal resolves the government’s criminal and civil investigations against the company dating back to 2004 over its promotion of Vioxx to treat rheumatoid […]

Medical Execs Get Prison Terms for Promoting Product Linked to 3 Deaths

Three executives of a medical device company, Synthes Inc., have received prison terms in connection with the business’ promotion of a bone cement for unauthorized uses. The company’s product was linked to the deaths of three spinal surgery patients in 2003 and 2004, although the Department of Justice never proved that the bone cement caused […]

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Federal Officials Issue Alert on Cancer-Causing Erionite

Federal health officials are calling for protective measures at job sites where workers may be exposed to erionite, a cancer-causing mineral similar to asbestos that is found in rock and soil in at least a dozen western states. An advisory published Tuesday by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommended a series of […]

AIDS Deaths Worldwide Declining, New Infections Leveling Off

A United Nations report is offering a measure of hope that the tide is turning in the global battle against AIDS. The report by the UN agency fighting the disease, UNAIDs, said that the number of people worldwide every year newly infected with HIV has leveled off, remaining around 2.7 million since 2007. At the […]