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Despite X-Ray Accidents, Lawmakers Fail to Set Standards for Technicians

Botched X-rays can shower patients with dangerous doses of radiation. Yet efforts by hospitals and regulators to maintain minimum standards of competence for technicians operating imaging machines have fallen short. The longstanding worries about X-ray foulups, along with the elevated dangers posed by more complicated medical devices such as CT scanners and linear accelerators, for […]

Pediatricians Urge Ban on Tanning Parlors for Children

Doctors are turning up the heat on regulators to ban teenagers and younger children from using tanning beds and other techniques to give the body an artificial bronze. The American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday weighed in on artificial tanning — a popular ritual among many teenagers, but one that can raise the risk of […]

Water Supplies Endangered by Radioactive Materials From Fracking

Environmentalists lately have grown increasingly concerned about groundwater contamination from a drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The technique, which has spiked in popularity since 2008, involves blasting water laced with sand and chemicals into underground rock formations to open up cracks that help extract difficult-to-reach reserves of natural gas. Yet the danger […]

Tobacco Giants Sue to Stop Possible Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

In an aggressive move to stave off a possible ban on menthol cigarettes, two tobacco companies have sued the Food and Drug Administration, alleging that some members of its tobacco advisory committee have conflicts of interest. The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee was due to issue by March 23 its non-binding recommendation on whether menthol […]

Genentech Gets Another Shot to Save Avastin as a Breast Cancer Drug

The maker of  Avastin — the world’s best-selling cancer drug — will get a chance to try to overturn the recommendation of regulators that it no longer be used to treat breast cancer. The Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a first-of-its-kind public hearing for June 28-29 at which Genentech Inc. can make its case […]

How Quickly They Forget

Following the recall of millions of toys from China because of lead paint and other hazards, Congress got its act together in 2008 and passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Bipartisan majorities rallied around the idea that the government should ensure that products — whether they’re made abroad or here — won’t sicken or […]

Ford’s Truck Recall Too Small, Regulators Say

Federal regulators are far from satisfied with Ford Motor Co.’s recall earlier this week of 135,000 F-150 trucks. As The New York Times reports, officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say their investigations found, in all, that as many as 1.3 million of the trucks from the 2005 and 2006 model years had […]

Authorities Seize Food from Rodent-Infested Cheese Warehouse

Federal marshals have seized roughly $200,000 of food products from a Tennessee warehouse where inspectors found ample evidence of rats running wild among stockpiles of cheese. Inspectors from the Food and Drug Administration discovered rodent feces, hair and nesting during a series of January inspections of the Bedford Cheese Store Inc. warehouse in Shelbyville, Tenn. […]

Oil Refining Chemical Puts Millions of Americans at Risk

More than one-third of the nation’s 148 oil refineries use a toxic chemical that could put the lives of 16 million Americans at risk in the event of a gas spill or a terrorist attack, despite the ready availability of safer alternatives. According to a report from the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News, […]

Toyota Recalls More Vehicles Over Accelerator Pedal Problems

In a move that could damage its efforts to win back consumer trust, Toyota Motor Corp. has announced another massive recall of vehicles to fix accelerator pedal problems. The recall of the 2.17 million vehicles brings to 14 million the number of cars and trucks that Toyota has brought in since late 2009 for repair […]