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Key trial evidence goes missing

Injured customers suing U-Haul over accidents have sought key equipment, only to find it lost or discarded. Pinned inside an overturned Ford Explorer on Interstate 5 in Bakersfield, Gabriel Koloszar looked up to see her friend Paulo Aguilar hanging unconscious from his seat belt, his blood dripping down on her. Rescuers pulled Koloszar out through […]

Upkeep lags in U-Haul’s aging fleet

Many trucks have high mileage, and The Times found safety checks were often overdue. Customers describe breakdowns and accidents. The U-Haul truck was 19 years old, with nearly 234,000 miles on its odometer. It had a history of problems with its emergency brake and was overdue for a safety inspection. Talmadge Waldrip, 73, of Forney, […]

Making his point, at 80 mph

U-Haul’s CEO sets out to show his passengers that ‘there’s no magic’ to towing a trailer and that driver error is what leads to accidents. PHOENIX – The head of one of America’s most famous companies was barreling down a suburban thoroughfare at 80 mph, with no hands on the wheel and a U-Haul trailer […]

Driving with rented risks

U-Haul International is the nation’s largest provider of rental trailers. A Times investigation finds the company’s practices raise the risk of accidents on the road. TUCSON – Marissa Sternberg sits in her wheelchair, barely able to move or speak. Caregivers are always at her side. Progress is measured in tiny steps: an unclenched fist, a […]