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Turning Over a New Leaf

Activism: Victor Crawford once lobbied for the Tobacco Institute. Now he fights against it. What changed his mind? He’s dying of throat cancer–a result of decades of heavy smoking. Victor Crawford’s story is sadly familiar, that of a man who started smoking in his early teens and now is dying of cancer. But Crawford stands […]

Targeting Foreign Smokers

As sales lag at home, U.S. tobacco firms try to conquer Asia and East Europe. In Hong Kong, Philip Morris once bought every newspaper front page to push Marlboro. Let health groups call them drug pushers; let members of Congress hand them their heads. U.S. cigarette makers are riding high, now that the world is […]

Tobacco Firm Sought to Cull Studies as ‘Deadwood’

Litigation: Lawyer wrote memo as company resisted efforts in wrongful death suits to disclose research. It was an interesting time to be cleaning house. The year was 1985, and tobacco companies, facing a surge in wrongful death claims, were being pressed to disclose internal documents on their knowledge of the risks of smoking. Even as […]

Tobacco Lab: Science and Silence

When the smoking wars heated up, Philip Morris put Victor DeNoble’s nicotine experiments on ice. His story is part of the wider drama involving the industry and its researchers. It wasn’t like entering the Peace Corps, but Victor DeNoble hoped to do some good when he joined the tobacco industry. The year was 1980 and […]